Import CSV

You may use “Open In” feature to import a CSV file into Money Pro or use iTunes.

Start with assigning a data type to each column: “Category”, “Amount”, “Amount received”, “Date”, “Account”, “Account (to)”, “Description”, “Agent”, “Currency”, “Check #”, “Class”, “Time”. Use the button “Next” in the right upper corner to switch to another column.  

Transaction type (Income/Expense) will be defined automatically based on the positive or negative value of a transaction. Positive amount will be identified as Income transaction while negative - as an Expense.

Money Pro allows to import “Money Transfer” transactions, therefore the app has “Account” and “Account (to)”, “Amount” and “Amount received” data types.  

- Account: the account you are transferring money from. 
- Account (to): the account you are transferring money to. 
- Amount: the amount you transfer from the first account.
- Amount received: the amount received by the account you are transferring money to.  

In case you select “Account” and “Account (to)”, a transaction type will be automatically defined as “Money Transfer”.  

Please, keep in mind that it is not obligatory to assign value for each column, tap “Ignore column” to skip the column you don’t want to import.  

You will be asked to define “Account” to which you would like to assign transactions in case you did not select it when assigning values to columns.  

You will be able to categorize transactions individually in case you did not assign “Category” to any of the columns. Tap a question mark next to the entry when working with a list of transactions to import. In addition, you will be able to modify transactions parameters on the Transaction editing form.  

As soon as you are done with these steps, tap the button “Import” and all transactions will be imported into Money Pro. 

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