iCloud Checkbook HD

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service which allows users to store data on remote computer servers for download to multiple devices. In other words it enables automatically download new information to all your devices wirelessly and without syncing.

Data sync with iCloud is done automatically when your app launches. Data is synchronized within similar profiles which means it will only cross from one device to another if both have the same profiles.

To set up iCloud synchronization, do the following:

1.Set up iCloud in the system

2. Make sure that your internet connection is active

3. Turn on iCloud option in Checkbook HD - You should activate iCloud in your device settings. Enter Settings, choose the app and in the field "Use iCloud" tap "ON". 

4. Open the application and find a “book” with a cogwheel.
In iPad it is placed on the main screen, in iPhone - on the “More” form.

Tap “iCloud sync” field on all your devices. Wait for a while (sometimes iCloud sync may take some time) and your data will be synchronized. After that new information will be automatically downloaded on all your devices.

Important: your profiles must have the same ID, if you rename them, it doesn't mean that you are using the same profile. Please, check it before the synchronization

If after doing all these the devices refuse to synchronize, try the following:

1.  Please wait as in some rare cases iCloud sync may function with delays due to the reasons which are beyond our control. iCloud is a service provided and managed by Apple. Rarely it make take up to several hours. 

2. Turn off iCloud in your device settings (you should do it on all your devices)
3. Delete the app from all of your devices BUT ONE (where you have the most actual data) or your information will be lost.
4. Delete Data from iCloud: 

Tap “Home button” and open your device settings:

Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup -> Manage Storage -> Documents & Data -> Checkbook HD- edit –delete all.

5. Open the application and turn on iCloud.
6. Download the app once again on all your devices (you won’t be charged as it’s free)
7. Turn on iCloud option in Checkbook HD
8. Wait for a while
9. If your devices still refuse to synchronize please contact our support service.

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